Class Descriptions


What Should You Expect?

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Power Vinyasa

This Power Flow Class links dynamic movement and yoga postures to the breath. We will focus on building strength, flexibility, and energy while finding flow in a mindful way. This class is suited for all levels of practitioners.

Lunch Hour Express Heated Shred

Yoga+ Weight Training + High Intensity Interval Training = a wonderful blend of all the benefits into one workout:Endurance, Strength AND Flexbility, Breath Awareness & Control, Body/Mind Awareness & Focus Balance of Pushing to your edge yet Honoring your body. The class begins with a warm up of Sun Salutations then "tabata style" interval training and strength training begins with quick bursts of dynamic movements, working the Type II muscle fibers or fast-twitch muscle. After pushing through 10-15 min of intervals, we begin cool down closing with light stretching, cool down. This quick 45 min workout is perfect for a mid-day burn and purification, as well as, centering of the mind and body. Accessible to All Levels.

Traditional Hatha

Traditional Hatha Yoga is appropriate for beginners and experienced practitioners that want to build their foundational practice. Beginning with yogic breathing (pranayama) and how to maintain that yogic breath throughout the posture series (asana). Through a variety of seated and standing postures, the practice builds strength and flexibility. You will get a workout but not be out of breath, gain flexibility with feeling stress, and end every practice with a guided relaxation

$5 Restore & Refresh

Life has us stressed to the max with our nervous system living in the fight or flight mode. This was helpful to our ancestors who had to be on the constant lookout for danger to avoid starvation or being eaten by the nearest bear. We no longer need to be this vigilant, but our systems don’t recognize this because we are overstimulated from overwork and the day to day stress of living. This 75 minute class offers the opportunity to activate the parasympathetic nervous system which allows us to rest and turn off the sympathetic nervous system which is our fight or flight mode. We will use a variety of props-blocks, pillows, blankets, and bolsters-to settle into each pose and focus on the breath. There will be brief opportunities for movement between poses. We will end with essential oils, guided relaxation and a short meditation. This class is an excellent way to let go of any lingering stress from the week and go into the week ahead with a relaxed body mind. It is appropriate for all levels and a great compliment to a more active asana practice.

$5 Warm Mindful Movement

Not too hot and not too cool... This is a Vinyasa Flow class taught in a gently heated warm 80-85 degres F to ensure muscles warm up to encourage deeper flexibility and range of motion, as well as, increasing weight loss and detoxification through sweat.The focus of the class is connecting your movement with your breath. We will begin each class with grounding, centering, pranayama (breath) practice and warm up with a variety of Sun Salutations. We flow slowly through various sequencing and cool down and finish with Savasana, leaving you centered, confident & revitalized. You will gain many wonderful benefits including: increased endurance, stamina, strength, and flexibility.This class is open to all levels.

Rest & Digest

Modern day life has led to widespread disease and chronic overactivation of the sympathetic nervous system or "fight or flight" response. Yoga and meditation practice provide tools to take control of the nervous system and engage the parasympathetic mode of "rest and digest" at will. This 75 minute class begins with opening meditation and contemplation followed by 10-15 minutes of educational reading which we integrate into a 20 minute soft, nurturing, slow-paced asana flow connecting the mind, body and breath. The second half of class is dedicated to iRest® Yoga Nidra Meditation practice. iRest stands for Integrative Restoration, which is a modern-day variation of the ancient practice of yoga nidra or yogic sleep, the state of consciousness between waking and sleeping. It is a simple form of meditation designed for modern day living. iRest incorporates evidence-based Western interventions, such as deep relaxation, emotional and psychological healing, and resiliency enhancement. Some use iRest to relax when life gets busy. Others use it to help heal from: serious trauma, stress, insomnia, depression, PTSD, chronic pain and chemical dependency. Overall, it's an educational self care practice that focuses on health and healing at all levels of your life: physical, psychological and spiritual, teaching you how to respond, rather than react, developing the pause between thought and action, which leads you to experience of self-mastery and well-being. This class is a safe, effective, compassionate, non-competitive environment that is welcoming to all levels.

Chair Yoga

A more gentle style of yoga incorporating both standing and seated poses with the chair. Using both the chair and props such as blocks and straps, it will allow for those in class to feel more stable and comfortable to allow their muscles to relax in the pose which will allow for a more deeper, inward relaxation. While building your strength and balance, you can enjoy benefits of this class including strengthening of your core muscles and reduced stress and anxiety. 1 hour class.

Gentle Yoga

This Gentle Yoga class takes a slower approach to the posture (asana) flow. We take time in postures to relax and learn to feel the poses in our own bodies. We balance strengthening with stretching to gain overall balance within the physical body. This class offers a soothing relaxation period to de-stress and let the body release toxins (i.e. physical, emotional, psychological). Gentle Vinyasa is open to All Levels and Prenatal Practitioners are welcome.   This class is also a good place for newbies to begin and for those who are recovering from injury or disease.

$5 Yin/Yang with EO

Yin/Yang is a balanced practice combining a gentle flow of traditional yoga postures with the beauty of still, meditative yin poses. This flow allows students to go deeper into their practice, with breath, awareness, and mindfulness. Essential oils will be offered if students would like the opportunity to apply them during the practice session.

Conscious Concentration Meditations

Ever wish you knew how to meditate? Ever wonder what meditation even is? Great questions!! Meditation is easier than you ever thought possible through simple yet effective techniques of Conscious Concentration you can practice anywhere anytime. Every human has the ability to breathe, the faculty of Mind, a Heart, a Body, and something unique only to You. Learn to unlock your natural abilities and use them to foster an Attitude of Gratitude. Discover what lies beneath the surface and behind the veil of the obvious. Learn a little science and a little yoga wisdom combined with a little anatomy and a lot of breath. Experience is the best teacher though. So come and create an experience for your-Self, something beyond what you currently experience as possible. Experience peace. Peace of body, mind, breath, Spirit and Self…all found within moments of peaceful presence.

Baby Playtime Yoga

In this class parents will bond with their babies while introducing them to the benefits of yoga and exercise. This class will be a combination of helping your baby move in a way that introduces their body and muscles to yoga movements as well as holding modified yoga poses yourself in front of your baby on the mat or while holding your baby. This is a class where you will not only get the benefit of bonding with your child, but also bonding with other mothers for support and encouragement.