Welcome to the juice bAR!


All Juices can come in either 12oz ($6.95), 16oz ($7.95), or a 32oz Mason Jar. Some prices may vary.*

All Smoothies come in either a 16oz ($6.95) or a 32oz Mason Jar. Some prices may vary.*

You can also purchase a Juice Flight for $11.95 to sample any 4 juices of your choice!


We also offer locally sourced snacks from our Café! These include Soups, Chia Crackers, Protein Balls, and Muffins.

Fresh Juices!

All of our juices are made from locally-sourced ingredients! We can customize any of them to your liking! 

Refreshing Smoothies!

Feel free to add or take out anything you want in order for us to create you the PERFECT smoothie! 

Any of these smoothies can be made into a smoothie bowl. These bowls will simply be the smoothie of your choice in a bowl, topped with fresh power foods such as hemp seeds, chia seeds, fresh fruit, coconut flakes, matcha, etc.


Any of the smoothies or juices can add any of our extras! Additional costs may apply.*


Feeling a cold coming on? Congested? Headache? Ask about our Wellness Shots! These are small glasses of different concoctions we will whip up for you to help fight off whatever is bringing you down!

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