Who are we?

Our Mission

To provide supportive, inclusive, nurturing and inspirational space and individualized services for the local community.

How We Began


The team at Root2Rise all started on different journeys meeting on the same path.  We united with a common goal to serve the community. Each one of us has learned many lessons and has wisdom to share with the community and together we provide a comprehensive approach to well-being. 

Here at Root 2 Rise Wellness we strive to provide a gathering place for all people, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion or gender. It is a place for anyone who seeks to maintain a healthy, balanced and fulfilled lifestyle. Just as roots can best take hold and flourish when the right amounts of soil, nutrients and water are available, Root 2 Rise aspires to provide the right amount of nourishment, education, and empowerment to help you reach your fullest potential.

Meet The Team!


My passion for health and wellness was born from my personal journey. Years of unhealthy addictions, poorly executed exercise plans, no self love, anxiety, depression, PTSD, and the list goes on. I began to intensely study nutrition, yoga, meditation, and primary foods. I became a licensed massage therapist, Integrative Holistic Health Coach and certified to teach yoga. What I found, was a new appreciation and acceptance for myself. I was finally happy being myself, which I'd never been before. Yoga has been a part of my life on and off for over 7 years, and my practice has helped me grow stronger, more flexible and fearless, both on and off the mat. Yoga inspires me to live each moment more mindfully. I started juicing in 2011 and it changed my life then and it is STILL changing my life. Everything from my digestion, my complexion, my appetite, my body weight, my energy, my vitality and my immune system. If there were ONE reason I did it, it would be as simple as this: The way it makes me feel, it is pure happiness and bliss, it is the taste of true health. Seriously, green juicing is a miracle that I plan to continue for as long as I have a juicer that runs and vegetables and fruits to juice! My mission is to provide you a place of support and connection to reach your goals and get you to a place of self care and love through yoga, juicing, massage, and health coaching! I am more connected to my “wild side” and enjoy a more assertive approach to most things in life, including teaching, coaching, and massage.


I have always known I was put on this earth to help people. The first avenue I took to fulfill my purpose was to work in customer service, and I have 5+ years of experience doing so. What I've learned over those years is that I excel in comforting people in any situation. I also love talking with customers and building relationships within our community to last a lifetime! Since becoming a mama to my wild little man Grayson, I have been drawn to natural approaches to health and wellness. In 2013 I became certified in Reflexology - a therapeutic massage based on the theory that reflex points on the feet and hands are linked to every part of the body - which is used to relieve tension and treat illness. Since that time, my passion for natural healing has grown as I continue learning and experiencing the benefits of juicing and having a Holistic Health coach as a best friend! My hope is to help educate the community about what our team has to offer and how we can help you live and feel your best!


Tami discovered and began practicing yoga in 2003 during her first pregnancy here in Indianapolis. By day she works in the fast-paced world of Healthcare IT, on a computer at a desk 8 hours a day, which had a negative impact on her flexibilty and range of motion. After many years of struggling with side effects of sitting all day at a desk, as well as, frequent spells of stress, anxiety and depression, she found relief through tapas or self-discipline of regular asana, pranayama and mindfulness/meditation practice. The countless benefits, beauty, and balance the practice provides continues to be revealed. She completed her 200 hr RYT training at Evolutions Yoga, under the teachings of Jenni Keith and Ross Corson in 2016. She also completed her iRest Yoga Nidra Level 1 Teacher Training in 2018. Her passion for yoga is conveyed every time she steps onto her mat. Her teaching style can be best described as pragmatic, creative, and accessible.


I graduated from Indiana University with a BS in Kinesiology. I received a personal training certification through the American Council on Exercise and a Health Fitness Instructor certification through the American College of Sports Medicine. After having a little girl, I began working as a self employed in-home personal trainer. In 2015 my husband was offered a job in Indianapolis and my father was diagnosed with cancer. We decided to move to Greenwood and 7 weeks later my father passed. The stress of moving, leaving my clients and friends and then losing my dad finally took a toll on my body. I found myself with intense back and neck pain unable to turn my head or stand upright most days. After two different chiropractors, massage therapy and acupuncture, on a good day something inside said, 'Do yoga'. So I listened and it was the only thing that made me feel better. Physically and mentally. I decided that I needed yoga, and as much yoga as I could possibly get.


I grew up around my mom, Elaine, who has incredible passion for all things healthy. Working at Root2Rise has been a perfect fit for me, as I love to educate people, & help them live their best (and healthiest) lives! The atmosphere here is eclectic, there are many different kinds of wonderful people that I get to meet every day! I'm happy to come in and do my best to help teach people what being truly healthy is all about.


Michelle Dial started practicing yoga in 1999 to help with back pain and chronic stress from dealing with infertility. She soon fell in love with the practice of yoga and all of its many benefits. Michelle earned her 200 hr yoga teacher training certification in 2007 with Nancy Schalk (All People Yoga) Michelle then taught prenatal yoga and Yoga Basics classes for 5 years. In 2010, she continued her yoga training with Nancy Schalk (Heartland Yoga) and earned her 500 hr teacher training certification.


Brianna discovered her yoga practice in 2012 when training for her first full marathon in college. In 2015, she completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training at a power vinyasa studio in Philadelphia, PA. Since her training, Brianna has taught yoga for over four years at gyms, offices, and studios in Philadelphia, Charleston, and Chicago. Her classes are a blend of flow, power, balance, and relaxation. Her intent is for students to live mindfully on and off the mat.


I have 18+ years in customer service, an Associates in Business Administration with a concentration in Management. 10+ years in Account Management, and most importantly, a love for life that revolves around my two handsome boys. Sitting at a desk is not what I have been put on this earth to do, although I am very thankful for the knowledge and skills that I have developed along the way, which has set me up for my new journey. My true passion is in helping people. I love one on one interactions and the ability to really make a difference in someone’s life as well as working as a team and learning from others. I believe that our bodies were not meant to consume the processed foods that have become the American way nor should it be consumed entirely by electronics. In the past 7 years, since having children, I have been so fascinated in the natural processes, leading with more of a holistic approach, and determined in continuing the physical activity that I grew up knowing. I try to implement as much as I possibly can to lead a healthier lifestyle and to instill that way of life in my boys. And, it is definitely a lifestyle, not a diet or fad. Root 2 Rise encompasses all of this and I’m thrilled to be a part of an amazing team with similar ideas, values, and compassion.


Being raised to be active and health-conscious from the start by my mother, I was committed to cheerleading, drill team, and dance from age 5 through high school. I attended my first yoga class approximately 20 years ago at the age of 16 and immediately took a strong interest in it. My mother’s passing due to breast cancer in 2009 initiated a deeper passion for health and wellness. Having continued to be very active through my adulthood I realized I wanted to take my health journey deeper and obtained my personal training license and yoga certification in 2016. While having a full-time position as a middle school interventionist I chose to practice yoga privately at local salons and wineries/breweries in the time I had outside of my full-time position. By referral, I began my journey into chair yoga at assisted living communities to help residents gain more strength and range of motion in their muscles and joints. In September of 2018 I became a mother of boy/girl twins and have recently started practicing again. In addition to yoga, I enjoy many forms of exercise including running, hiking, and dancing. I recently volunteered on a committee in my hometown of Whiteland to have the first walking trail built with the goal of connecting to the neighboring cities. My passion for wellness also goes beyond exercise as I have spent time making my own cosmetic products and am also very committed to eating as healthy of a whole foods based diet as possible. I have found that at Root2Rise you not only get the physical and mental benefit from the yoga studio, but you also have the benefit of knowledge on how to eat healthy with access to healthy food options in the same location. That’s why I am thrilled to have Root2Rise as part of my journey and to grow my knowledge and experience of yoga.


Rachel’s love and passion for yoga began in the fall of 2015 when she took her first class while vacationing in the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina. She has since dedicated countless hours to her practice, studies, and teaching, in addition to completing 400 hours of yoga teacher
training. Her first 200-hr certification was in 2016 at Studio You Yoga, and then followed by two additional 100-hr certifications in 2017 and 2019 at Evolutions Yoga. Rachel’s teaching style is creative and intentional, and her classes offer adaptability and accessibility with posture
modifications and the use of props as they are needed. Rachel is committed to serving the community by inspiring joy and well-being, and her intent is to craft her classes in such a way that students leave feeling open, connected, and relaxed.


Whitney first experienced yoga while in college and returned to it years later when pregnant with her first child. She is now a mother to 3 young boys, with whom she loves to share her practice, as well as a wife and care-partner to her husband, Adam, who is living with brain cancer. She is also employed as an occupational therapist at a local hospital where she incorporates yoga techniques whenever possible with her patients.. Whitney is constantly on the go but enjoys the ability to bring some calm to her life by practicing yoga. You can expect a light-hearted experience when taking one of Whitney’s classes as she loves to laugh and find joy in everyday experiences.